Friday, June 1, 2012

David <3

This blog will be about my one and only. I can't think of any words worthy to describe the way and exactly what I feel for him. But I hope my words will do. David is my home. Wherever he is, is where I belong. Right beside him. His voice is my very favorite sound. His laugh brightens my soul. And his smile, oh my gosh his smile can just melt my heart. But his eyes hold and tell everything about him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing to me. Nothing compares. I adore his little moles on his face. David is perfect for me. He understands me and accepts me. He loves me with all of my annoying habits and stubborn ways. He provides for me and takes care of me. He's so sweet and nurturing. Like on the weekends in the morning he always wakes up before me. And he knows I like the blinds open so the sun come in. So he opens them and turns the tv on to nickelodeon. Cause he knows I like to sit in bed and watch cartoons right when I wake up. And even though it's his day off he'll watch tv on his laptop so I can hog the tv all day and play Xbox. He's so good to me. It's the little things he does that makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Because the little things show that he pays attention and cares. He also listens to me talk about my books every time I'm done reading one. Even though he doesn't care to know. Lol. He'll listen and will seem interested for the ten minutes I'm talking to make me happy. Lol. He also does his hair the way I like it. My love is awesome. He is a great husband. And a true gentleman, most of the time. Lol. Don't get me wrong he knows how to get on my nerves and push my buttons. But I'm glad it's him getting on my nerves and no one else. He drives me crazy sometimes! But even with that he is still the sweetest guy I have ever known. He never puts his hands on me nor talks to me in a disrespectful manner. Not just because I don't put up with that stuff, he just isn't that type of man to do it in the first place. My well being and happiness is always first to him. He spoils me rotten. But I am grateful that god gave me such an awesome man. David means everything to me. Without him I would have no home. My heart belongs right beside him. Hand in hand until my day comes. I love you David! With every single part of my being. Forever and ever babe. And If your reading this, don't be getting all big headed foo! Lol. I just wanted to write something real quick, I was listening to a love song by train and just started thinking about David. Who is asleep right now. Lol. Well that's it. I hope you have an awesome day and God bless.