Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Dream of a little Us

I had a dream today while I was sleeping. It was about me and my newborn daughter. It's strange cause just yesterday me and David were talking about what we would do when we had a kid. You know just talking and laughing like we usually do. I asked David what do you think our children would look like and he tells me "If it's a boy he will look just like me" and I asked him "How do you know"? and he just said " I just know". I started to laugh and I told him "You know it could be just opposite. We could have a boy and he look just like me or have a girl and she look just like you". He then said something along the lines of "If the kid looks anything like me then they are lucky". Lmao. Well let me get back to my dream. I can't really remember how it started or where I was. I saw her in like this rocker type of thing. She was squirming and making noises. Not quite crying though. And the moment I saw her I knew she was mine. It was crazy I immediately went and picked her up and looked at her. She was David's skin tone and had his thick dark brown hair, it almost looked black. Like his. I saw him all through her. She was so small. Like newborn small. I didn't get to see her eyes though. I wish I could have. The moment I picked her up she stopped squirming. She stayed asleep and peaceful the whole dream. Because I refused to put her down. I went to sit down in this recliner and layed her down on my chest. I just watched her sleep. The strange thing though, is that no family was in my dream. Not even David. Just me and a few strangers. One of them asked to hold her and I told them no. I didn't want to put her down or let her go. She was wearing this pink wonzie. I think it had white polka dots or something. Don't remember. She was just so beautiful. I got up from the recliner and walked around for a little bit. Just looking and looking at her. Wanting to squeeze the crap out of her but scared at the same time of breaking her. It was crazy I looked down at her one more time and I woke up to David waking me up. I have never woken up depressed before. But I did. Never had a dream like that before. Other people have told me they've had dreams of me having a baby. But never had one myself. It was just crazy. I haven't changed my mind when I want to have one. I still plan on waiting a long time. But I can't wait until I feel that way again. Just crazy. Well I just wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget it. God Bless.

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