Friday, July 13, 2012


Today's blog post will be about my dog Mogley. He died today. But before I tell you about how and why he passed, I will tell you his story. From start to finish.  When I was living in New York I got lonely. It was my first time living away from home. David was at work from 5am- 5pm everyday. And for that time I was at our apartment by myself.  So at first I started to think about having a baby. But I quickly realized that it was a stupid idea. So I then wanted the next best thing..a puppy. So I then went to the mall. Because they had a pet store, and they sold pure breed puppies. They had beautiful dogs. There were two that caught my attention right away. The first one an was English Bulldog. He was so cute. White and brown with short fat legs and wrinkly, wrinkly skin. The only thing though he was priced for three grand. I was bummed but I looked for another puppy. The second one I saw was a Yorkie. She was very small and extra cute. She was priced at one grand. So I picked her. David said ok and that we would go back for her the following week. I was so excited so I called and told my sister Sara I was getting a puppy from a pet store. She right away told me not to get a dog from a pet store because the majority of the dogs come from puppy mills. I had no idea what they were. She then told me to adopt from the dog pound or animal shelter. She said I would help out with all the neglected and unwanted animals. And I would be a hero for saving a life. I was convinced when she said "hero". I then told David I changed my mind and wanted to adopt from the local shelters. He was happy cause it was going to be so much cheaper. Lol. I believe there were three shelters in Watertown, NY. I called the first two and asked if they had any puppies up for adoption. They told me no. I then called the last one. Jefferson County dog shelter. Praying they had one puppy for me. I called and they said they had two puppy's up for adoption. When David got home from work we rushed over there to the shelter. I walked in and said to the lady "I'm here to adopt a puppy". I had the biggest smile on my face. She looked up at me and said we have one left. For some reason I got scared. She told me to go through the back doors and on the right hand side there was a cage and there would be two puppies inside but the one with the brown dot on the top of his head was the one that was left. I walked through the doors feeling excited and nervous. I turned to the right and he was the first thing I saw. He was beautiful. All white with the brown dot right on the top and in the middle on his head. Brown spot covered his left eye. He was chunky. Lol. I right away took my phone out and started to record. I wanted to always remember that moment. He was so adorable. I loved him instantly. He was mine the moment I saw him. I went back to the front and said I'll take him. So on October 21st 2010 I adopted Mogley. He was nine weeks old. Which makes his birthday August 19th. So right after we adopted him we took him to Petco. He was very quiet and scared in the car. Which I understand cause he didn't know what was going on. So I carried him into the store and put him down on the floor. He just stood there for a while. But then he started to walk and then he started to kind of gallop I guess. Lol. He was so fat. And everyone that walked by him said he was so beautiful and cute. He was interested in the toys so I got him whatever toy he bit when I put it in front of his face. Ha ha. I got him dog food and food bowls and a collar with a leash. And I got him a tag with his name. Before we left the store he peed in one of the isles, which I had to clean up. It was funny.  This time in the car ride home he was a bit more active but still refused to move from my lap. We got into the apartment and I put him down. He did the same thing just stood there for a bit. And I guess when he figured out it was safe he started to explore the apartment. I forgot to get him a bed at the pet store so I gave him a pillow to sleep on. He claimed it the moment I put in on the floor. In no time his personality came shining through. He was very playful but at the same time calm. He always wanted to be by me or on me. He cried at night though, like all puppies do. I was gonna have him sleep with me in the bed right away but David wasn't having it. So he slept in the Laundry room. Which was a pretty big room. I left the light on for him and gave him his toys. It was torture hearing him whine. But after a while he got use to it. The next problem was potty training him. We tried those blue pads at first. But he obviously thought of them as toys. And tore every one I put down to a million little pieces. I would get so mad. So I quickly gave up on that approach. So we had a balcony so I used that to potty train him. Cause I wasn't going to go walk outside three or four times a day in the freezing snow so he could do his business. So after every meal I put him on the balcony and didn't let him back inside until he peed or pooped. And I tried to stay and watch him so when he did use the bathroom I could immediately praise him give him a treat and let him back inside. It took him a few days to get the hang of it. But he did. And a lot faster that I had thought he would. I was proud of him.  He then began to walk to the balcony door and sit there until someone came and let him out. Or he would come stare at me and get my attention and I would ask him what he wanted and he would leave and I would follow to find him standing by the door waiting to be let out. He was so smart. He did have a few accidents though cause we would ignore him or not pay attention to him to realize what he wanted. Our fault. He was such a unique and special dog though. After a while he started to sleep with us in the bed. I had to put my foot down with David about it. Ha ha. He was so crazy too. Cause he would start off at the bottom of the bed where our feet were. And slowly you could see him inch his way under the comforter all the way to the top in between me and David. That's the only way he would sleep. And he didn't sleep in a ball either. He slept on his back with his legs stretched out to the bottom of the bed. And his arms would just hang in place. He slept like he was a human. At first David hated it. But eventually he got used to it. And would even call Mogley to go to sleep with him. Lol. But Mogley never went with him. He stayed beside me at all times. Whenever I would wake up he would wake up with me and I fed him his breakfast and I poured myself a bowl of cereal and he would with me. And right afterwards we would go sit on the couch together and watch the morning cartoons. Lol and he actually watched them with me. He would stare and stare at the tv like he knew everything that was going on. He was my nigga. He knew he was cute. He loved to take pictures. He would pose and stay still and look directly at the camera for pictures. He would stay in the kitchen with me while I cooked. He would stay with me while I played the Xbox. And when I would yell and scream in frustration at the game he would bark like if he was yelling with me in agreement. He was awesome. He loved to play in the snow.  I take him to the park right beside our apartment so he could get outside and just run and play fetch. The first thing he would do every time was run and jump in the biggest pile of snow and just start to dig and dig. After a few minutes of doing that he would remember I was there and he would run after me and run and play in the snow with me. He was so white he would disappear into the snow. I usually had to call for him so he would pop his head up and I could see the brown on his face. You see Mogley never really learned to properly play fetch. The way Mogley played fetch was, If you threw something, anything he would run his hardest to go get it. And he'll com running back with whatever you threw for him to go get. But instead of giving it back to you he'll run right up to you and when he see's you stretching out your hand to his mouth to retrieve the object. He'll psych you out and take off running. Lol. He'll make you chase him and make you wrestle him to get the toy back. That's how Mogley plays fetch. Another I noticed about Mogley is that he was growing and getting big very fast. at 4-5 months old he was bigger than a full grown pitt bull. And I also found that Mogley thought he was the smallest dog in the world. I twisted my ankle a few times just by simply walking beside him. And i slammed the closet door on my pinky finger cause mogley came walking out of the room in the hallway with me and completely boss hogged the hallway and caused me to trip and I tried to grab onto the door for support while I was falling down well I some how closed the door on my pinky finger. I cried. And Mogley came to my rescue by licking me and made me laugh at the same time I was crying. It was retarded. Lol.  He loved to go to the park. At this park they had like big huge bright green hills and just wide open space perfect for running. Him and David would run and chase after one another. Mogley loved other dogs. It didn't matter if the dog was bigger, smaller, mean, or shy. Mogley wanted to play with everyone and everything. He even liked cats. My Mogley was such a sweet and kind dog. Did you know he peed on my head once? Yup he did. We were playing on the living room floor wrestling. And i lay down cause I'm tired well he comes and stands right over my head and in that instance I thought to myself this dog bes not pee on me. And the moment I thought that He peed on my head. I started to scream and ran to the bathroom and started the shower and David comes running asking me whats wrong and I tell him what Mogley did he just busted out laughing and told Mogley good boy. Lol. He was spoiled. We took him to the groomers like twice a month. And we bathed him weekly. He got his photos taken professionally by 'picture people' at Petco. He had a sweater to wear outside in the cold. He had a scarf he wore to the park. And he had soo many toys and tennis balls. He ate the best dog food and we would buy him those gourmet desserts just for dogs. He loved those! And of course he received his shots and would go to his check ups. For the most part he got whatever he wanted. Everything was good until David got stationed in El paso. We had to move but couldn't take Mogley with was because no apartment would allow his "breed" to stay. You see Mogley is part pitt. So it doesn't matter if he was raised to love all things and if he was still a puppy. Just the fact that he has any "pitt" in him makes him a danger and a threat. People are so stupid. So anyways my mommy agrees to take care of him for me until I'm able to find a way to have him back with me. Well on our way to El paso we stop in town to visit for a week and to drop Mogley off. Well before the week is up Mogley gets sick. David went to go check up on Mogley before we went to sleep. At the time Mogley was not allowed to stay inside. So he was tied to up to the tree out front. Well when David goes to check up on him Mogley is not moving. He is not wagging his tail or anything like he usually does. So David walks up to him and touches him and he falls down. So he calls me outside and we take him to the emergency vet right then and there in Sugar land. We have no idea whats wrong with him. He was fine earlier that day. Well the doctor gives him a pocket of fluids on his back so he can stay hydrated. Gives him some medicine. Well the next morning mogley is doing better hes not running around or anything but you could just see it in his eyes and his movements, that he was getting better. Well we also found out that morning that other dogs on our street were sick and a few of them died. So we knew right away someone poisoned all of them sometime last night. I was glad David went to check up on him cause if he hadn't we would have woken up to him dead. So that just made me feel even worse about leaving him. But I had to. Well luckily nothing else happened to him for a long time. Until this year in May. Mogley got lose and someone called the dog pound oh him. So my Dad paid over 700 dollars to bail him out. And to pay all the fines without me having to ask him. I'll never forget what he did for me. So me and David pay $300 for this kennel. To keep mogley safe and secure. Well Mogley bites his way through the chain linked fence. And can no longer be used. So Mogley became an only inside dog. He was breaking his chains and getting out of his collars and harnesses. All of a sudden he did not want to be outside or on a leash. Well up until last week he was fine and healthy. But he wasn't acting like his usual self and wasn't eating and throwing up. At first we thought it was a little stomach ache or something. But he still wouldn't eat and still was throwing up. We couldn't get him to the vet sooner because no one could take him. Everyone had to work. But my mom finally was able to take him. At first I wasn't that worried because I thought it was just some stomach flu. And they would give him medicine and send him home. I got worried when they wanted to keep him over night and couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Then we got the news that he has "severe kidney failure" when my mom told me. My heart sank. It wasn't some stomach flu. But something serious. Tests had to be done to see how bad it was. And the test came back bad. So they said they would do one more test the next day to see if it improves or worsens. Well his test was worse. And my mom called me this morning to tell me the news. And asked me what I wanted to do. I could have her take him home to die there. Or have him put down at the vet. I never thought I would ever had to answer a question like this. I chose to have him put down there. I didn't want to prolong his suffering. I have been crying all day thinking about him. And all the joy he brought to my life. He was mine. Because of him I wasn't lonely. He loved unconditionally. He always wanted to please. And just be near you. All he wanted was your love and to love you. I lost my best friend today. My friend. My love. I wasn't expecting to lose him this soon. I was expecting him to live to at least 10 years old. I thought old age would take him. There was still so much I wanted to do with and for him. I wanted to mate him with some other huge all white dog so I could have a Mogley jr. I wanted to have him with me again. I never thought I could love a dog so much. I loved him most. The thing thats killing me the most is that I couldn't be there to tell him bye. I wasn't there to tell him that he was a good boy. And so brave. That it was an honor and a blessing to have received his love and loyalty. That I loved him more than anything. To have hugged him tightly one last time. I just wish I could have seen him one last time. He was one of a kind. I will never forget him. It will be a long time before I'm fine with all of this. Even with the heart ache I'm feeling now. I would do it all again. He is worth every tear. I love you Mogley, my baby. I'm sorry I wasn't with you during your final breaths but you will live inside my heart and memories now. Be good boy.