Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Dream of a little Us

I had a dream today while I was sleeping. It was about me and my newborn daughter. It's strange cause just yesterday me and David were talking about what we would do when we had a kid. You know just talking and laughing like we usually do. I asked David what do you think our children would look like and he tells me "If it's a boy he will look just like me" and I asked him "How do you know"? and he just said " I just know". I started to laugh and I told him "You know it could be just opposite. We could have a boy and he look just like me or have a girl and she look just like you". He then said something along the lines of "If the kid looks anything like me then they are lucky". Lmao. Well let me get back to my dream. I can't really remember how it started or where I was. I saw her in like this rocker type of thing. She was squirming and making noises. Not quite crying though. And the moment I saw her I knew she was mine. It was crazy I immediately went and picked her up and looked at her. She was David's skin tone and had his thick dark brown hair, it almost looked black. Like his. I saw him all through her. She was so small. Like newborn small. I didn't get to see her eyes though. I wish I could have. The moment I picked her up she stopped squirming. She stayed asleep and peaceful the whole dream. Because I refused to put her down. I went to sit down in this recliner and layed her down on my chest. I just watched her sleep. The strange thing though, is that no family was in my dream. Not even David. Just me and a few strangers. One of them asked to hold her and I told them no. I didn't want to put her down or let her go. She was wearing this pink wonzie. I think it had white polka dots or something. Don't remember. She was just so beautiful. I got up from the recliner and walked around for a little bit. Just looking and looking at her. Wanting to squeeze the crap out of her but scared at the same time of breaking her. It was crazy I looked down at her one more time and I woke up to David waking me up. I have never woken up depressed before. But I did. Never had a dream like that before. Other people have told me they've had dreams of me having a baby. But never had one myself. It was just crazy. I haven't changed my mind when I want to have one. I still plan on waiting a long time. But I can't wait until I feel that way again. Just crazy. Well I just wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget it. God Bless.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Pappy

I was going to write this post yesterday night for father's day, but I'm a procrastinator like my dad so I did not get to it. Lol. So as you can see I will be writing about my pappy. I will try to write everything that comes to mind when I'm writing about him. First I will tell you my dad has been in my life since I was born. For that I am very lucky. I know a lot kids don't ever see or know their dad. But to be honest I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad before the age of ten. Yes he lived with me and my sisters, he worked and provided for us. Made sure we had clothes and food to eat, and school supplies. But not really a relationship. I don't have that many memories of him as a child. He never really talked or played with us. Then he wasn't really the emotional type. My mom was the one who did all of that. I remember him playing playstation in his room, I'm pretty sure the game was tomb raider. He had the game guide right beside him in case he got stuck or something while playing it. I remember him setting up the brand new computer we had got. He taught us how to get to the games and taught us how to play them. I also remember when he gave sara her Nintendo 64 and gave me my Gameboy color, the game I got with it was a Bugs Life. He took me and Sara to our soccer practice one time. And I also remember when he walked my new bike inside on Christmas eve. It was a pink bike (I was disappointed when I saw it at first) It had neon colored beads on the wires on the inside of each wheel, and had ribbons coming out of the end of each handle bar. The seat was white and so were the tires. My sister Sara got the same bike I did. I don't know if he just didn't really know how to talk to us since we were all girls, or if it was just him sad in an unhappy marriage. But when my parents split when I was 10 in the 4th grade was when I finally got a relationship with my dad. My parents didn't fight over custody for us. We got to see and be with both of them whenever we wanted. Looking back at it now I guess the divorce was a blessing in disguise because I don't know if I would have the same relationship I have with him today if they didn't split. Something in him changed. I think maybe he didn't want to lose us either cause of the divorce. So he started to make the effort of actually spending time and talking to us. Which I loved. Cause at the time I blamed the whole divorce on my mom. I can honestly say I almost hated her because of it. I didn't understand why she didn't want to be with him or why she didn't love him enough to stay. And because she had gotten with my now step dad so quickly. In my head I thought she was trying to replace my dad and was trying to make dino my new dad. I gave my mom hell for it. Even though I didn't really have a relationship with my dad I defended him to my mom. To everyone. In my eyes my dad could do no wrong, It's still that way now. Lol. So I wanted to be with him all the time whenever I could. He would come pick us up like every other night and take us out to eat. It was kind of weird at first because it was like meeting him for the first time. Yea I've know him all my life, but I actually started to get to know him. He still wasn't all emotional with us. But it was way more than what I had been use to. I found out my dad pretty much dislikes everyone. Lol. He likes to watch cartoons. And if he thinks or finds something funny in a movie he will quote that line every chance he gets in a conversation. He hates to go grocery shopping. He's a hermit. He loves Chinese buffets. He's addicted to soda. His favorite thing to cook is breakfast because its easy and delicious. All of my mom's friends and family annoy him. Lol. (some of them annoy me too) He loves animals. His favorite car brand is Chevrolet, he hates Ford. He likes video games. He thinks he's always right, even when he's wrong. Lol. He's lazy when he's home but when he works he's the best. He's not a fan of spicy food. He'd rather sleep on a couch or a recliner than a bed. His favorite color is red. He's the king at talking shit and making fun of everyone. He flirts with every girl cashier at walmart. He loves to annoy his mom. Lol. He prefers to wear over sized shirts so no one will see his man boobs or his gut. HA HA HA. He's the loudest snorer in the world! He doesn't liked to be tickled. And if you try he will punch you in the leg or throw his sandal at you or grab your foot an pull your toes until they pop. And if you want something from him you have to clean the house. He likes Cars and guns. He won't admit it, but he likes to gossip. He'll try to make you watch a scary movie with him so he won't watch it alone. He wont watch the original Exorcism movie. He's hardly ever drinks. He use to smoke cigarettes but he quit a long time ago. Those are a few fun facts about my dad. I have a great relationship with him. He gives the best advice about everything. And he's always there for me and my sisters and my mom financially, and  if i need to talk. I remember I was playing around with him one day and i pulled his chin beard pretty hard and i tried to run away so he grabbed this brush it was solid wood and had a thick metal ring around it. Well he grabbed it and threw it at my head while i was running out of the room. It hit me on the side of my forehead and i fell to the ground. That shit hurt! Lol. I had this big lump on the side of my head and it was throbbing. He was too busy laughing at me to see if i was ok. When he was done laughing he told me thats what i deserved for pulling his hair. Lmao. Don't worry I wasn't seriously injured or anything. Thats how me and my dad play around. We fight with each other.  This other time..well I can't remember if i hit him and tried to run away again or if I was annoying him but I remember I tried to run away so he picked up his sandal and screamed Tomahawk!!!!!!! while he threw it straight into my back. That shit hurt too. Lol. Him and my sisters were all laughing at me. I'm guessing I deserved it. I was laughing too cause he screamed tomahawk cause i was really into tomahawking on the black ops game for Xbox. I also remember me and him were at walmart once and we were in the hair accessories isle looking for something for Shannon. And at the time Destiny's child had a song out called "lose my breath" Well in the middle of the isle i randomly started to sing the chorus and did like a fast little dance move. My dad just looked at me and busted out laughing. He still makes fun of me til this day cause of it. Lol it was a catchy song and i forgot I was at walmart and started to jam. Ha ha. Thats my dad's way of showing he cares..he makes fun of you and or talks mess to you. Either or. I remember when he took me and my sisters to go see Shrek in theaters. That's one of his favorite movies. I remember that day cause it was the first time he had taken us to the movies himself. See my dad is a home body. Because everyone annoys the hell out of him. So he usually just gave us the money and my mom would take us or we would go with friends. He also took us to go see the movie "300" but I fell asleep right when it started. Because I was high. I don't think he knew, if he did he didn't say anything. And if he didn't and he reads this then he knows now. Lol. I tried to stay awake but the previews were so boring and it was dark and the chair was really comfy. Ha ha..My dad use to cut the grass with this huge white and red tractor. Like this nigga was huge! And one day he let me sit on his lap and steer it while he had his foot on the pedal. That was awesome! That day he let me and my both my sisters steer it. I think I was in the fifth grade and my dad came to pick us up from the trailer to go eat or something well I had to go back inside to get something I forgot well I came out running cause I didn't want to keep him and my sisters waiting. Well we have a rocky drive way and I was running at full speed and i tripped over a rock and fell hard face first into the drive way. My dad came out of the truck laughing at me. I almost cried but I saw him laughing so I started to laugh too but my eyes were still watery but I was laughing. I was caught somewhere in the middle of crying and laughing and I think that made my dad laugh more. For some reason he always laughs when I get hurt. I was washing dishes once and I guess I was washing the glass to hard and it broke and I ended up cutting my knuckle pretty bad. I started to freak out but he told me to calm down. Then he started to laugh at me and called me a dumbass. Lol. My pappy is so nice isn't he? Ha ha. He may not be the most perfect dad in the world. But he is my dad and I'll always love him. I threaten him sometimes that when he gets old I'm going to throw him into an All men nursing home. Lol, then he threatens me he's going to leave me out of his will if I do that. Ha ha. Dumb fatboy. Well that's all for now I have written enough. I hoped you enjoyed the read. If not oh well. Have a great day and God bless.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fart War

Ha ha..Yes this post will be about farting. But not just any farting. The epic fart war that is going on between me and my husband. Lol. I have no idea how or why it got started, it just some how came to be. Some of you might think its not lady like to fart. Well if you think so, you are freaking stooopid! Everyone farts. EVERYONE. So don't try to be all high and mighty about farting. It is a natural thing. And it just so happens that I have a fart war on my hands. Well today was super hilarious. Wait if your like easily disgusted or have a weak stomach to this particular topic. I will advise you to stop reading. I mean its not that vulgar in my opinion. But not everyone has the same perspective as others. Just a fair warning. Any who, it started when me and David went to go eat. We went to eat mexican at "KiKi's" And I got the Machaka. Its basically like beef or chicken that's tender cooked with onions, tomato, green chiles, a fried egg, and chile con queso. Very delicious. Well after I finished that, I got that feeling in my stomach that I needed to take care of buisness. So I right away told David that I needed to go home. He said "Ok. When I see the waitress i'll ask for the bill and then we can go." I then said ok. But the waitress was taking forever to come back to check up on us. In the mean time my stomach was getting worse and hurting very badly. I then decided I couldn't wait and went to find the bathroom. Might I add that I hate using public restrooms to do anything besides pee. Its embarrassing. I usually do a good job at waiting until I get home to drop a deuce. Lol. Especially if someone is waiting to use the stall your in. I mean when your done and come out do you tell that person waiting to not go in there, or do you just give that person an apologetic look/smile cause they are about to walk into a gas chamber and gag? I mean its awkward and not pleasant for you or anybody else that has to use the restroom when you decide to drop a deuce. Lol. But any who back to what I was talking about. I found the restroom and man! Its a single ca mode restroom. With no air condition. Which makes everything ten times worse. Anyways I did my business and low and behold there is someone waiting when i come out. And I gave her the apologetic look. Ha ha..I was so embarrassed. I absolutely hate it. Well from that moment on I knew my stomach was going to be acting up the rest of the day, and I decided to plot against David. Lmao! And don't think poor David either. Because he is the worst one! Literally everyday he tries to dutch oven me! Do you know what that is? Do you? Its when someone farts under the covers and pulls the cover over your head, and doesn't let you out to breathe forcing you to inhale and smell. Its disgusting! He literally tries to do this to me on a regular basis. And David has some nastay smelling farts. Its gross. For the most part when I fart it doesn't stink. Lol its just air. Not him, most of his are deadly. I get soo mad too. Anyways after we get home from the movies its like 1 am. We saw the Avengers if your wondering what we watched. (awesome movie by the way) So we come home change into our pajamas and lay down in bed. Im not going to bed, he is. I just go to lay down with him for a bit before he goes to sleep. Well we're there in bed talking and like always he has me cracking up about something stupid he says. Well I'm laughing so hard I accidentally fart. And right away he goes "Awwwwww hell naw! No you just didn't!" I'm laughing so hard that I cant get it out of my mouth that it was an accident. He right away turns on his side to where that his butt is facing me and lifts the cover and farts so loud! I just continue to laugh. Then when he turns back on his stomach I jump on him and fart right on the back of his neck. Lmao! I know its gross. But its freaking hilarious! He didn't get mad or anything he was laughing all crazy like I was. But in between giggles I was getting threatened. Ha ha..he was threatening that he was going to fart on my face with his bare butt while I was asleep. And it would be so gross I was going to be able to taste it. Do you see how mean he is? Lmao. I instantly regretted farting on him. Because if you do anything to David, it doesn't matter if your playing or whatever. He will get you back ten times worse. He's no fun. Ha ha. But I ended up giving him a foot massage in trade that he doesn't fart on my face while I sleep tonight or tomorrow. Lol. I have a day and a half of safety. But after that the war is back on. And all of this because I accidentally let one rip. Has that ever happened to you? Its happened to me plenty of times. One in particular happened while i was playing the Wii with my sisters. We were playing "Just Dance 3" I believe. Well this dance made you pick up your arms tot he sky and kinda bend at the same time you were doing it. It's a repetitive move in the song. Well we were all doing it at the same time and when i bent down I farted very loud. And I instantly stopped danceing looked at my sisters and said "Ooops, sorry!" They just busted out laughing falling on the bed holding their stomachs making fun of me. Lol. I was embarrassed. Oh let me tell you one more thing before I go. Ok I was at my mom's one day visiting. This couldn't of been that long ago. And I was sitting on the couch beside my mom watching tv. Well my mom then gets up walks in front of me and puts her butt in my face. Her butt is literally like centimeters from touching my nose. And she farts the loudest fart right in my face. I got so mad. Cause that's just nasty. And It was totally unexpected. You know? Lol. Well that's all I wanted to share with you. Hopefully It made you laugh. If not I'm sorry. Ha ha..well I hope you have a good day and God bless.

Friday, June 1, 2012

David <3

This blog will be about my one and only. I can't think of any words worthy to describe the way and exactly what I feel for him. But I hope my words will do. David is my home. Wherever he is, is where I belong. Right beside him. His voice is my very favorite sound. His laugh brightens my soul. And his smile, oh my gosh his smile can just melt my heart. But his eyes hold and tell everything about him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing to me. Nothing compares. I adore his little moles on his face. David is perfect for me. He understands me and accepts me. He loves me with all of my annoying habits and stubborn ways. He provides for me and takes care of me. He's so sweet and nurturing. Like on the weekends in the morning he always wakes up before me. And he knows I like the blinds open so the sun come in. So he opens them and turns the tv on to nickelodeon. Cause he knows I like to sit in bed and watch cartoons right when I wake up. And even though it's his day off he'll watch tv on his laptop so I can hog the tv all day and play Xbox. He's so good to me. It's the little things he does that makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Because the little things show that he pays attention and cares. He also listens to me talk about my books every time I'm done reading one. Even though he doesn't care to know. Lol. He'll listen and will seem interested for the ten minutes I'm talking to make me happy. Lol. He also does his hair the way I like it. My love is awesome. He is a great husband. And a true gentleman, most of the time. Lol. Don't get me wrong he knows how to get on my nerves and push my buttons. But I'm glad it's him getting on my nerves and no one else. He drives me crazy sometimes! But even with that he is still the sweetest guy I have ever known. He never puts his hands on me nor talks to me in a disrespectful manner. Not just because I don't put up with that stuff, he just isn't that type of man to do it in the first place. My well being and happiness is always first to him. He spoils me rotten. But I am grateful that god gave me such an awesome man. David means everything to me. Without him I would have no home. My heart belongs right beside him. Hand in hand until my day comes. I love you David! With every single part of my being. Forever and ever babe. And If your reading this, don't be getting all big headed foo! Lol. I just wanted to write something real quick, I was listening to a love song by train and just started thinking about David. Who is asleep right now. Lol. Well that's it. I hope you have an awesome day and God bless.