Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How we came to be

Today's blog will be about how me and my husband became a couple then quickly man and wife. lol. A lot of people don't know how or why. So I am here to tell you the story. From my perspective. First of all I have known him ever since I can remember. The reason being is that our mom's have been best friends since I think junior high. And my mom is married to his uncle, which is his moms brother. lol. So yes i knew him for a long time before we started dating. The thing is we never spoke. We were not friends. We only said hello and bye. Nothing more. In fact he dated my older sister Sara for about 2 months. I think when she was like 15 or 16. I'm not sure but around that age. Crazy huh? lol. It wasn't anything serious, or I wouldn't be with him. The real crazy thing is how it all started. It was the beginning of January 2009. David was home on leave. And at the time I believe my mom and Dino were staying with Davids grandma. Well I went over to chill and David was there hanging out and drinking with Dino. So I start to drink with them and play Dominos I think. I cant really remember what game we were playing. But we all ended up drunk. lol. Dino got tired and went to sleep and left me and David alone in the living room. At first i was like "fu#!" he left me with the dude that doesn't talk at all. I always thought he was mute or something. lol. But he was drunk so he was just talking away to me like we've been buddies since forever. But being drunk does that to you. Cause I was talking back. lol. I couldn't tell you what we were talking about exactly cause he was switching subjects every 2 minutes. I was just so surprised that he could talk so much. lol. But any who we kept drinking. The whole time i wasn't even thinking about him in that way. I was just chilling like I've always done. But he wasnt thinking the same. lol. Because  the next thing i knew he sat like right beside me on the couch. And in that instant i got that feeling. I can't explain just that feeling like something is about to go down. While he was talking to me he just kept leaning and scooting over. The whole time i was thinking "If this nigga kisses me I'm going to punch him right in his nose" I had my hand in a fist ready just waiting. And then he just leaned in and kissed me. To my surprise I did not hit him. Even though i should of. lol. I didn't. I kissed him back. I can't explain it, that kiss was more than just a kiss. Something way more. And i knew it the moment it happened. All we did was kiss that whole night. Besides kissing me without my permission, he was the perfect gentlemen. His hands did not wander nor did he ask for anything more. And that same night he told me he loved me. I cant lie when he told me I laughed. I knew he said it either cause he was drunk or he thought he had game. All i told him was "No you don't". And left that at that. I wasn't that dumb or naive. Everything was good until i threw up (not on him). He helped me to the restroom until my mom came out and left.(she had no idea what happened between us at that moment) Ha ha..a few hours later I woke up with THE biggest hang over of my life! And let me tell you that morning was AWKWARD! Everyone just showed up at the house ready to go get breakfast and was talking very loud. I was light headed, head spinning. Just crazy. And on top of all that David was still there. He sat by me on the couch while everyone was there. But i kind of freaked out. I didn't talk nor look at him. Not because I was ashamed of him or something I was just shocked. He helped me to the car carried my stuff for me and then left. Which I was very grateful for. I was trying to figure out what everything meant. While being hungover. I then came to the conclusion that it was fun. But it wouldn't happen again. But it did. A few days later actually. And neither of us were drunk. Might I add we still did not have sex. It was pretty much the same as before. Except this time we fell asleep on the couch together. And my mom and dino woke up and saw us. lol. They didn't freak out or anything they didn't even bother us. A short while after that David woke up to take his mom back her car. Then my mom started asking a million different questions. As any mom would. She seemed very excited about the whole thing. And asked me what was I going to do. And I told her "nothing". Which is what I did. At the time he was leaving going back to New York. And it wasn't like we talked about it together. And I started talking to some other guy i went to church with. At the time it made more sense to just forget about David, and focus on the other guy cause he actually lived in Rosenberg. So for the rest of the time David was there on leave I didn't go over anymore. Nor did I think about him. Even though my mom kept calling me asking me and telling me that He was there and if I was coming over. lol. Every time I told her no. So he left back to New York and I started to date the guy from church. And I ended up falling in love with him. (Big Mistake) well three months into dating..well I'll just call him "A" in this story. So three months into dating "A" we went on a church trip to Congresso. We were there for a day and we got into an argument. So i was ignoring him and decided to stay in my hotel room for the evening. Well as I'm watching tv I get a text on my phone from David. I kind of panicked when I saw his name. The phone was my step dad's before it was mine. David text was asking for Dino. So I told him it was now my phone. And i gave him Dino's new number. After a few minutes I got another text from him telling me that he still liked me and wanted to know if it was ok if he called me. I then told him I was in a relationship and that I was sorry but we could be friends. He told me that was fine. And that was that. I didn't tell "A" that he had texted me even though I should have. But I was pissed off at him at the time and decided not to. On any other day i would have. I'm not the cheating type. I didn't hear from David again after that. Then in May David came again on leave. And you guessed it he came and stayed at my moms. Where I then stayed. "A" was pissed off he was even there. But i had to explain to him that he was my step dad's nephew and there is nothing he could do about it. But When David got there i wasn't there. I was with "A" at some party for church. When I came home though he was there. "A" came in the house with me. I told David and Dino hi. I wasn't going to introduce David and "A" to each other. I turned around and headed for my room thinking "A" would follow me instead he introduced himself to David. Although it looked like David didn't even want to tell him hi. lol. Anyways my boyfriend at the time left pissed off cause he was staying the night. He clearly showed how little he trusted me. Anyways I stayed locked up in my room the whole night. And when I woke up in the morning he was gone. I didn't hear or see from him again until I broke up with "A" the first day of June. I caught him cheating on me. I literally caught him. Yes I was heart broken. But any who a week to the day of breaking up with him. David calls me. A little birdie had called him and told him I was single. And he called right away. lol. I talked to him on the phone for a few minutes. Then the next day i asked my sister Sara if it was ok if I started to talk to David. Thankfully she said yes. Cause if she would have said no, I would not be married right now. I know it was kinda late on asking her. Given what I had already done. But she understood we were both drunk. If he had ever meant anything to her I would have punched him in the face that first night. But any who basically the whole month of June and July we talked everyday on the phone, we texted, and we wrote emails. That whole time that we spent talking we became best friends. It wasn't like "oh i think your hot and i like you" kind of stuff. It was basically talking about each others days and getting to know each other and learn everything about each other that we didn't know over the past 17 years. During that whole time I told him I liked him once and it was on July 4th. And he told me he liked me too. lol. And that was it. A moth later on August 5th. We became official. And two weeks later he came home on leave. And he stayed with me. I was surprised my mom allowed him to. But then again he didn't ask either. He just put all of shit in my room. He didn't even ask me. lol. Pain in the ass. I didn't object to it either. lol. And in case your wondering No we did not have sex. I told you before I'm not that type of girl. And again he was the perfect gentleman. We were inseparable for those two weeks. And with the first week of him being there with me, he told me I love you. This time i believed him. But I didn't say it back. Not until it was 2 days before he left. When i realized he had to leave and wasn't going to be with him again is when i realized i loved him. and i was crying when I told him too. I think that was one of the most girly moments I have ever had. lol. He was different than any guy I had ever been with or known. He was so sweet and kind. He wasnt a thug. or disrespectful. And he did whatever i asked of him. Just truly One of a kind. He came down again in September on my birthday weekend. to be with me. He surprised me with Star gazer Lillie's in my room. He's so sweet. But then he left for Iraq in October. Before he left he told me he would understand if i broke up with him and waited until he got back to pick things up again. So i wouldn't have to worry and wait on someone who might not come back. For those of you that dont know, my Husband is in the Army and he is Infantry (The soldiers that actually fight). But I already knew before we got together that he was leaving. He made that very clear early on. And before we got together I told him that I would wait for him. And I told him again. Its a very hard thing knowing someone you love is going to war. And on top of that willingly volunteering to go. I am and was so proud of him. One of the last things I said to him before he left was "I dont care if you come back missing an arm, leg, or whatever. Just as long as you come back." You know when you truly love someone being faithful is never hard. I don't care what anyone says. Adultery never has an excuse. He came home on leave the last week in December of 2009. And we were married January 8th 2010 at 9:05 am. The best day of my life. I t was bitter sweet because he had to go back to Iraq. But thank God he came home unharmed In August. I right away moved to New York with him. And now We live in El Paso. And have been married 2 and a half years. And will be together 3 years this August. I love him so much! My love is deploying again this December to Afghanistan. I am Scared and Nervous. But none the less I am proud of him and will always be proud of him. I love you David. Well I hope you enjoyed the story of "Sam && David" lol. Have a good day and god bless.