Friday, May 18, 2012


(Yes another Taylor swift song, but this remind me of my sisters)

Well its 3:10 am, and i cant sleep. As I was lying in bed my mind started to think about a million different things at once. like always. Then my thoughts came to my sisters. I started to think of all the memories I've had with them. I started to miss them more than anything. I try not to think about it a whole lot. Because then i would be depressed twenty four seven. They are the ones i miss the most. They are the most precious things to me. The love i have for them is indescribable. I was raised to always love and adore my sisters. To treat them with respect and care. I am so close to my sisters, I just love them so much. They are my best friends. I remember when were little we always stayed together. Always. Me and Shannon would follow Sara where ever she went. I know she found it annoying most of the time. We just always wanted to be with her. The safest place to be beside being with my mom or dad was with sara. She defended us and took care of me and Shannon. I remember when sara would go stay the night across the street at crystals. I would wake up early the next morning and look out the window and wait for her to come home. lol. So we could play. I would ask my mom if i could go over there too. But she would tell me no and to leave sara alone. i would get so mad. so i would just wait. And shannon, i miss watching her climb to the very top of the tree. Everyday she would climb that tree. She looked so cool. I always admired her long hair. She would let it grow so long and her nails too. I use to always make her cry. I was mean, but i loved her. lol. I remember the first time my dad spanked us. It was because of sara. it was time for us to go to sleep for school. Then we all slept in the same bed together. We were to chicken to sleep by ourselves. Sara was a little comedian all the time. She could make a million different faces and a million different voices. So she kept making me and shannon laugh so hard and loud. My dad was getting mad banging on the wall yeling at us to go to sleep. But sara just kept on making us laugh. My dad started to pound louder on the wall this time he threatened to spank us. But we didnt take him seriously cause he had never hit us before. mom was the one who did the spanking. So sara kept making us laugh, all of a sudden my dad came through the door with a thick ass rolled up magazine. we all started crying saying "no dad, please no" he yelled at us to turn on our stomachs and he hit us each once on the butt hard. we were silent the rest of the night. lmao. that was the last and first time my dad hit us. cause we listened to him after that. lol. I remember shannon was in a dancing phase for a while. thats all she would do was dance. she loved to dance to usher. she made routines all the time. i liked to watch her. it was funny and cute. I miss watching sara get ready in the morning for school. every morning she would take a shower. then blow dry and style her hair. then she would change, then put her makeup on, then put on her matching accessories. then spray a shit ton of perfume. lol. everything she wore was so fancy and elegant. she didnt dress like she was 17 or 18. she dressed with such class and respect for herself. i admired that about her. still do. i havent seen my sister get ready in such a long time. Shannon is the same way now. same routine too. and even dresses the same way. but she gets ready much quicker than sara ever did. lol. not me when i went to school i went looking throwed all the time. lmao. it only took me about 15 min to get ready each morning. thats how i was able to watch sara get ready cause thats who i was waiting on to go to school with. we would all fight at the sink telling each other to scoot over. and its my turn to use the sink. When we would ride the bus to school sara would let me sit by the window every morning to let me sleep on the way to school. my head would be all up against the window with my mouth wide open. and she would wake me at the light before we turned into the school parking lot so i could rub my face and wipe any drool that might have come out my mouth. lmao. oh when we were even younger and it would rain really bad we would go outside to the flooded ditches and look for crawfish. and tadpoles. mom came home from work one day and found all three of us in the ditch playing in the dirty ass water. she got so mad at us. it was funny. and where ever we went in the neighborhood itchy would follow us. our personal body guard/babysitter. he had the personality of a pitbull trapped inside a Chihuahuas body. That dog wasnt afraid of anything or anyone. i miss him too. i miss my sisters terribly. every time i go home i look forward to seeing them the most with my two little sisters Ava and Athens. Man i Love those girls so much!! i remember the first time i held both of them. Lol everything is about them two now. They are the spoiled ones in the family. getting everything. But thats good. Thats the way it should be. they have three big sisters who are gonna take care of them for a long time. And love them unconditionally forever. I love all my sisters and miss each one dearly. Athens is in Kindergarten, and hates waking up in the morning for school and has a sweet tooth like no one else ive ever known. And ava is three years old and is the boss of the house. lol. She looks and acts just like her dad. and has huge feet. we call her Monster. shes so funny though. she has a great personality. And shannon is a senior in high school and is graduating at the end of this month. i cant wait to see her walk across the stage. me and sara are both out of school and happily married. time fly's by so fast. i wish i could go back for a moment to just really appreciate the moments with them as kids. Well thats what i was thinking about and i had to put in a blog. lol. I LOVE YOU SARA, SHANNON, ATHENS, AND AVA. Y'ALL ARE THE BEATS OF MY HEART.


  1. You make me cry everytime sam!! but i love reading your blogs. it comes from the heart. :) we love and miss you everyday.

  2. You know sam its so funny that you had these thoughts. Last night we pulled down the picture box here at the house so shannon and antonio could look at the pics. all those memories were there. then Sara and george looked at them. i bet you all those memories we were seeing and feeling somehow let you remember them too. you know that emotional connection thing that siblings have. wow!